Burton Contractors has developed an Integrated Management System accredited by SAI Global. The system integrates the following:

  • A Quality Management System accredited to ISO 9001 requirements
  • An Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) System accredited to AS/NZS 4801 requirements
  • An Environmental Management System accredited to ISO 14001 requirements.


Burton Contractors was awarded a pre-qualification upgrade by the Department of Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) – formerly the RTA – to complete works to the value of $100 million. This is a significant achievement for the business, previously pre-qualified for RMS works to the value of $50 million in August 2012, $20 million in November 2007 and just $10 million in March 2007.

Here is a full list of pre-qualifications.

Roads & Maritime Services (RMS) NSW

Burton Contractors is prequalified by the RMS as follows:
R4 (Roadworks)
B2 (Bridgeworks)
F100 ($100M)

NSW Civil Works

Burton Contractors is prequalified by the NSW Department of Finance & Services to undertake civil works in the below contract systems within the financial range of $1,000,001 to $20,000,000:
Construction (C)
Design & Construction (DC)

UrbanGrowth NSW

Burton Contractors with UrbanGrowth (Landcom) on their Pre-qualified Panel for Civil Contractors. The panel consists of a select number of highly experienced and skilled civil contractor firms which form the basis of select tenders required on various projects. This pre-qualifies Burton Contractors for work in Sydney, the Hunter Region and the Illawarra Region.