Burton Contractors specialises in a variety of civil engineering works with a proven track record across a number of areas.

The strengths of the business lie in the ability to provide effective solutions with an emphasis on timely delivery, quality, safety and environment.

Our Fleet

Burton Contractors owns a rich fleet of plant which consists of dozers, scrapers, dump trucks, compactors, large and small excavators, trucks and dogs, water carts and more. The fleet enables the business to deliver everything from mining, quarrying, earthworks, residential, industrial and other civil works.

Major Earthworks

Earthworks underpin and form part of any major development.  Burton Contractors has the understanding, know-how and resources to deliver the best results.

Industrial Subdivision

Burton Contractors is a major player in industrial subdivision in New South Wales, specialising in the development of land for commercial and industrial purposes. Burton Contractors has completed industrial subdivision for some major developers, including Goodman, Boral, Australand and more.

Residential Subdivision

The growing population in Sydney has led to an increasing demand for housing, from bulk earthworks to reserves and parklands, Burton Contractors can build the perfect foundations for future residential communities to thrive.

Quarry Works & Mining

Burton Contractors have the, resources, capability and expertise to deliver major earthworks and infrastructure works in quarries and mines, while integrating and exceeding the safety expectations of clients.

Roads & Government Works

Burton Contractors has applied extensive knowledge and experience to deliver road works across New South Wales for a number of clients and government bodies, building safer roads for vehicles and pedestrians.

RMS Works

In March 2013, Burton Contractors was awarded a pre-qualification upgrade by the Department of Roads and Maritime Services (RMS) to undertake civil road works in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory to the financial value of $100 million.

Bridge Building 

Burton Contractors has experience in the construction of bridges for residential and industrial projects. The business engages specialist contractors to build pre-cast and cast-in-situ bridges beyond client satisfaction. 


Burton Contractors offers specially engineered solutions for sites affected by contaminated soil and groundwater.